The Part about being a Fake Missionary… where I get to do things I love…


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This week I bought a ukulele. I did a little research and I found some shops within a reasonable distance that sell ukes (as those of us who love them like to call them). I decided to buy an alto (or “concert”) ukulele. It’s just a couple inches longer than the soprano ukulele and has a fuller sound. And so I did it. I bought a ukulele at a music shop not far from here.

When I was a little girl I had a ukulele. I saved up $10 and I bought it from the Sears catalogue. I loved it. However, in time that ukulele ended up on a shelf in the closet, and one day it was gone (I hate to blame my mother for that, but since I have trouble throwing away anything, I have to believe that she got rid of it-without asking me!).

So I bought a ukulele – and since then I’ve learned something remarkable. There is a whole ukulele culture out there (and when I say “out there” I mean, right here!). There are websites and clubs and people who meet up every week to play the ukulele. There are ukulele orchestras – here in Ireland! Even more wonderful than all of this, at the end of August there will be a two-day “Ukulele Hooley” just a few miles up the coast.

So much of the work I do is finding new ways to meet people, and to get involved in the community around me. And now I find there is a whole community right here that I knew nothing about.

I bought a ukulele, and it makes me smile.

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